Call for projects - Artist residency


Call for projects

Coproduction art projects : Infiltration-based, participative, contextual, in situ, in socius, performative, installation-based, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary art…

Call for projects new deadline : May 9 2018
Production period : 2019-2021

3e impérial, centre d’essai en art actuel, invites artists to submit project proposals in the context of the exploration cycle Cut to the quick of Time : Infuse/Diffuse. Projects that infuse the contours of Time with creative, engaged and engaging actions. With an emphasis on the figure and role of the artist within glocal issues, and focusing on critical topics of our times (ecology, natural threats, human migration, consumerism with widespread technological developments, intergenerational relations at the watershed of meaning and of the future, etc.), we are seeking projects that relate to the history, life and environment in and around Granby (Québec, Canada).

Our project selection process is open to the diversity present in contemporary art practice, and as such aims to represent a wide variety of cultural and identity-based horizons with the goal of enriching and more firmly rooting the influence of art in our communities. We encourage proposals from emerging, mid-career and established artists.

Artists are invited to take note of the train of thought implicit to the exploration cycle Cut to the quick of Time: Infuse/Diffuse and to submit a proposal according to the terms of coproduction and dissemination offered by 3e impérial.

Click here to learn about previously selected projects (French only).

Founded in 1984, the 3e impérial, centre d’essai en art actuel, puts forward an interdisciplinary and contextual approach to the visual arts with a foundation in everyday life and in proximity with surrounding communities. The 3e impérial’s activities – creation, exploration, production, dissemination, critical thought and writing, publishing, public forums and artist/author/researcher residencies – are based in collaboration and the encounter between knowledges and experiences, with the aim to support, document, develop and put into practice public sites of infusion and diffusion of territorial and human specificities, while foregrounding the connections between artistic practices, public spaces, and community involvement.


Cut to the quick of Time :

The artist lives the circumstances offered by the present
in order to transform the context of his life (his relationship to the felt and conceptual world)
within a sustainable universe.
Nicolas Bourriaud

Time is ticking, slipping away. Our knowledge and understanding of the universe oscillates mystifyingly between finite and infinite; density of the past, tyranny of a vanishing present, uncertainty of the future… At the heart of this temporality, life’s complex narratives – our stories, our fictions – come into being.

Thwarting the contingencies and necessities of the here and now, its paradoxes, its excesses, the lack of perspective that cruelly characterizes our civilization, giving new meaning to chaos, light and life to that which was and that which is to come. Isn’t this how the art object/gesture actively manifests itself, in the present infinitive, in step with our desires and dreams?

Is there a horizon, an edge, a post-wild wasteland that still can shake the foundations of certainty, dissolve our fears, and feed the ability to project ourselves collectively forward with joy and lucidity?

As far as art and life/the real are not disconnected, by what praxis, by what astute/improbable twist, by which likely/unlikely alliances can we cut to the quick of our present time, with the goal of bringing a new vision to life?

Vast and timeworn questions, and yet…


Coproduction – Presence in a human and geographic context

The artist and the 3e impérial team orbit around the project, forming an alliance that relies on collaborative practices and solid interrelationships and interactions, between each other and, to varying degrees, with various collaborators and participants.

With over 30 years of experience, the Centre’s coproduction approach offers artists creative conditions and working procedures that promote:

  • Risk-taking with active presence in an engaging context
  • Consideration for the local culture and it’s environment
  • Inclusion of citizenry and valorization of their skills
  • Attentiveness to ethical questions that may arise during the realization of a project.

In this perspective, the quality of commitment, adaptability and willingness to collaborate with a public are emphasized.

General terms

Selected projects will be rooted in the specifics of human and territorial context in which they take place (in and around Granby). A basic knowledge of spoken French as well as relational aptitudes will be considerations of the selection committee. With the exception of July, when the 3e impérial team takes an annual break, artists are invited to carry out projects during any season of the year.

Terms of production

Projects are carried out in several stages and residency visits:

  • Preliminary meeting, including a guided tour of the territory (one day)
  • Prospecting residency visit (five days)
  • Submission of a project implementation plan, followed by a coproduction/dissemination contract agreement
  • Coproduction residency visit (four visits totalling roughly 35 days, spread over 15 to 18 months). According to the project, the time will be used for: studio production, artistic actions in public space, mediation actions, collaborations with project participants, etc.
  • 5 to 7 meetings scheduled between visits to discuss the work (planning, assessments, problem solving, adjustments)
  • Presentation of works/objects/devices/installations in public space(s) – before and/or during and/or after a final public event related to the project
  • Mutual agreement on photo and video chronicling of the project genesis and process
  • Meeting between the artist and author in residency, and other possible collaborators (researchers, critic, art historians)

Coproduction is the collaboration between the artist and the 3e impérial team to create the artistic, ethical and logistic plans, from project conception to completion, including:

  • Research into the choice of context chosen (sites, public spaces, participants, collaborators, organizations or groups, etc.)
  • Form of the intervention
  • Project implementation, deployment, presentation strategies
  • Approaches/procedures in working with partners or collaborators, etc.
  • Development of a project timetable.

Terms of dissemination

  • Dissemination of the project evolution on the Centre’s web site
  • Planning and production of a final public event (coordinated and defined as per the nature of the project)
  • Creation and dissemination of a video (approx. 5 min) documenting the project – editorial direction by the 3e impérial
  • Publication project integrating the totality of the projects within the exploration cycle – editorial direction by the 3e impérial)

Conditions offered

  • Lodging during residency visits
  • Travel expenses between the artist home and the Centre for each residency visit (expenses to be negotiated for artists from outside Quebec)
  • 40 m2 (430 sq. ft.) of individual work space during the residency visits
  • Access to: wood shop, mobile tool kit, audio-visual equipment, documentation centre
  • Artistic, technical and logistical support
  • Production fee
  • Dissemination fees


The following documents in a single PDF document

  • A letter of intention – significance of your proposed work procedures in relation to your artistic practice and your experience (one page)
  • Working method(s), project intention, form(s) the project could take and a brief technical requirements description (max. 2 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae (max. 3 pages)
  • Press clippings (max. 5 pages)
  • Descriptive list of the visual documentation, including hyperlinks (if required) to the video documentation.
    NB: Documents may be submitted in English. Take note that selected projects will be rooted in the specifics of human and territorial context in which they take place (in and around Granby). Therefore, a basic knowledge of spoken French is essential.

Visual documentation

  • 10 – 15 jpg images, 72 dpi. Each image identified as follows:
    01_surname_name.jpg (i.e.: 01_smith_jane.jpg /02_smith_jane.jpg, etc.)
  • Max 5 minutes of video samples:
    YouTube or Vimeo hyperlink. If private, please include access password
    NB: Please ensure all hyperlinks remain accessible until Septembre 2018.

Please use WeTransfer to send all your documents electronically to with the subject heading Comité de programmation

Total files should not exceed 20MB.

Proposals sent via postal service (hardcopy) will not be considered by the selection committee.