CALL FOR PROJECTS : Cut to the quick of Time: Infuse/Diffuse

10 mai 2016

Coproduction projects : infiltration-based, participative, contextual, in situ, in socius, performative, installation-based, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary art…
Call for projects deadline: June 21, 2016
Production period: between 2017 and 2019
3e impérial, centre d’essai en art actuel, invites artists to submit project proposals that animate the contours of unfathomable and imaginary time through creative, engaged and engaging projects. With an emphasis on the figure and role of the artist within global and local issues, and focusing on critical topics of our times (ecology, natural threats, human migration, consumerism with widespread technological developments, intergenerational relations at the watershed of meaning and of the future, etc.), we are seeking projects that relate to the history, life and environment in and around Granby (Québec, Canada), and engage in a collaborative relationship with the 3e impérial team.

Artists interested in submitting a proposal are invited to take note of the train of thought implicit to the exploration cycle Cut to the quick of Time: Infuse/Diffuse as well as the terms of coproduction and dissemination of 3e impérial.